The Grand Prize Winner

Fall Winner 2017

Timeless Kitchen

By Julianna Weiss-Roesller


Too many cooks? Not for this kitchen design! 

It’s an impressive lesson in teamwork and collaboration, with Tamara Raymond Hermann of Crown Point Cabinetry, Josh Sundstrom of WillowRidge Construction, William Merriman of William Merriman Architects, and the homeowners, all contributing to the look and feel of the space.



How did they work together?

For this new build designed in the style of a traditional Alaskan farmhouse, the homeowners wanted a beautiful kitchen space that would also be functional for their large family. 

Aesthetically, they were looking for a classic, subtle design – something bright and cheery during the dark winter months – with cabinets that really felt like furniture.

To accomplish this, they went with a mostly all-white palette – cabinets, backsplash, island – contrasted with black island seating, stainless steel appliances, and unlacquered brass hardware.




The window and door opening onto the connecting sunroom serves to open up the space, as does the window over the farm sink (with a gorgeous ocean view!)

The center of the ceiling is raised, highlighting decorative beams, then lowers at the perimeter to both connect the cabinetry vertically and provide harmonious lines echoed in the island, hood and trim. Recessed ceiling lights add to the brightness while blending into the background, and the large, clear globe lights over the island provide a touch of muted elegance without drawing attention.

Functionally, they wanted dedicated space for their particular needs (lots of food storage and room for baking) and efficiency built into the design.




Creating that dedicated space meant designing for a walk-in pantry and Crown Point Cabinetry creating a custom "baking larder" that looks like a standalone piece of furniture to hold all baking ingredients, dishes, and tools. 

Making the kitchen efficient meant planning two well-thought-out working triangles – one with the dishwasher, the large farm sink, and cabinets with everyday dishes, and another with the range, refrigerator, and the island in close proximity for cooking and prep work.


The end result is a timeless kitchen that will remain beautiful and useful for decades to come.


Photography by Dave Davis - DMD Real Estate Photography